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  • Bonnie Tsang
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    Bonnie Tsang

    We came across Bonnie’s work because we admired the way she captures the spaces and moments across Los Angeles. She’s incredibly talented, but it is her candid approach and conversation that makes her work engaging. Browse her Instagram feed - the best way to see what she’s up to - and find beautiful shots of interiors interspersed with honest notes about “the chaos in life outside the frame.” Her transparency is unexpected and refreshing in a sea of perfectly polished photos.


Where do you live?
Los Angeles, CA.
Where did you grow up?
I was born in Hong Kong and moved to LA when I was 12.
Any siblings?
Yes, I do! One brother and one sister, I'm the oldest.
Tell us a bit about what you do, and how you got there?
I am a lifestyle photographer focusing food, interiors and people. I started as a wedding photographer because the weekend work schedule worked for me as a single mom with a fulltime 9-5 job at that time. Thanks to the popularity of blogging, I was able to show more editorial work, which eventually led me to what I am doing now.

What does style mean to you?
Style is another form of expression and it is constantly evolving. I went through period of wearing and living in all black color during teenage years, then I went through period of colors when I was open to new things.
Who is your style icon?
Tom Ford.
What is your most valued possession?
I don't think I have any, strangely to say. I appreciate the things I have, but I'm also ok if I don't have them anymore.

Name one woman dead or alive that you would want to meet.
Audrey Hepburn - I can learn so much from her.
What is your favorite sweet?
Coffee ice cream!
What is one song on your personal soundtrack?
Spiegel im Spiegel - I meditate to it.
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Tom Ford.



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