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    Jane Aldridge

    I was working for Neiman Marcus in Dallas when I had the pleasure of meeting Jane and her mother for the first time. They were doing a photo shoot, and I admired their mother-daughter relationship. Two confident women of two generations… they were such a great representation of family and female grace. She was doing a blog at the time, already a veteran with four years of experience under her belt and the wave of fashion bloggers still to come. What an innovator.


Where do you live?

Dallas, TX

Where did you grow up?

Just outside of Dallas, TX.

Any siblings?

Yes, my wonderful sister Carol.

Tell us a bit about what you do, and how you got there? 

I started Sea of Shoes when I was fifteen…ten years ago, long before blogging was a “thing”! I was always obsessed with collecting vintage, and amazing shoes. It’s amazing the path that small decision to start a blog has taken me on.

What does style mean to you?

My style is a collection of my lived experiences…I’m a collector/hoarder, every piece is special to me and when I wear something, I want to honor everything it’s been through! Being “stylish” doesn’t matter to me so much…the clothes come first.


Who is your style icon?

Auntie Mame!

What is your most valued possession?  

A really great pair of Ming chairs I found at Salvation Army and got reupholstered in green Ikat.

Name one woman dead or alive that you would want to meet.

Tina Turner!

What is your favorite sweet?

Licorice all sorts. Black licorice is my weird obsession.


What is one song on your personal soundtrack?

Chief Inspector by Wally Badarou. He is responsible for some of the coolest music of the 80s and I listen to his music all day long. This track just gets cooler as it goes on, I love the island vibes.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

My dream job was always to do wardrobe for films, or set design for films, or work in soundtrack scores. I still think I’d love that!


Follow on Instagram: @seaofshoes

Jane's blog: www.seaofshoes.com

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