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    Kristie Streicher

    Not only did she give me eyebrows - yeah, God blessed me with the type of brows that look like they've been over plucked but in reality they never grew in! - but she has a heart of gold and is one of the sweetest people you'll meet. She has an amazing eye for facial structure and her Feathered Brow® is legendary.



Where do you live?
Bel Air 
Where did you grow up?
Grass Valley, CA
Any siblings?
2 sisters
Tell us a bit about what you do and how you got there? 
I started selling cosmetics at a Clinique Counter pretty much straight out of high school. I really liked putting myself together in a beautiful and professional way. I enjoyed engaging with women and educating them on skincare and make up. This is what inspired me to become an Esthetician and make it my career choice. In 2001, after practicing esthetics for 5 years and developing my love for eyebrow shaping, I decide to move form Northern California and join my sister Jenn in New York. I started working at the Warren Tricomi salon and began to specialize in eyebrows specifically. I was then fortunate enough to receive the prestigious "Best Of" award for eyebrows by New York Magazine. This immediately catapulted my career to the next level, I went from 4-6 clients a day to 35!!  Working with Warren Tricomi also gave me the incredible opportunity to work with the top editors, photographers and actors such as Julia Roberts and Rachel Weisz. I then trademarked my signature Feathered Brow® philosophy and started the natural eyebrow trend. I made it my duty to break the habit and trend of the over-contrived and over-waxed eyebrow style. I started making my own products (Afore and Après) to aid in the tweezing process as well as developing an all-natural vegetable dye in an effort to help the eyebrow appear fuller. In 2005 I started building an LA clientele while maintaining my NY. This bi-coastal outreach really helped me get to where I am today. It's amazing that I happen to have 2 sisters who both have worked equally as hard to get to where they are in their careers in their own ways. I don't think you could plan for something as great as this. It has to happen organically. 



What does style mean to you?
It's my favorite form of self expression. It can be loud but silent and powerful or soft and subtle. I’ve always had fun with it. I remember being a kid and cutting my clothes to make them the way I wanted them. 
Who is your style icon?
My clients, my friends, my sisters, people on the street!
What is your most valued possession?  
Clothing wise, my vintage dress collection.  
Name one woman dead or alive that you would want to meet.  
Frida Kahlo 
What is your favorite sweet?  
My coffee in the morning. Right now its coffee with steamed egg nog and maple syrup then topped with cinnamon sugar.
What is one song on your personal soundtrack?  
Let’s Dance, David Bowie.


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STRIIIKE's Website: www.striiike.com

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