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    Lucinda Scala Quinn

    I met Lucinda at one of my first events at Saks in New York. She was an existing client and was there to say hello and show her love for the shoes. It meant the world to me. We became fast friends following, and I consider her my sister now. I watched her go from Martha Stewart to launching her own Mad Hungry career with her family and it's been so encouraging to see her forge her own path. It just goes to show that we women have immeasurable strength, and when we support each other we are even stronger.



Where do you live?
New York City 

Where did you grow up?
Born in Canada, raised in Detroit, and Connecticut

Any siblings?
Yes, three brothers, I'm the second born. How and why the universe made me the sole sister to three brothers and the mother to a trio of sons, is what I seek to understand every day! 


Tell us a bit about what you do, and how you got there?
I am a professional chef who considers herself a home-cook. If you cook for the people you love, teach them to cook for themselves, then they will pass it on. So I believe in the power of home cooking... I began cooking professionally as a teenager, and have worked as a chef, writer, teacher, author of five cookbooks, and most recently as executive editorial food director for Martha Stewart. One year ago, my eldest son and I founded LSQ&Sons to create and nurture food projects. My recent book Mad Hungry Family, is the inspiration for our first business, the headquarters for home cooks looking for recipes, strategies, inspiration, and tools. 


What does style mean to you?
The outward expression of our inner soul. 
Who is your style icon?
Agnes Trouble
What is your most valued possession?
The small hand-made gold hoops (crafted as a continuous circle) in my ears right now, which belonged to my Great Great Grandmother Spadafora.


Name one woman dead or alive that you would want to meet.
Pema Chodrun
What is your favorite sweet?
The perfect chocolate chip cookie 
What is one song on your personal soundtrack?
Matapedia (Kate & Anna McGarrigle) 
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
My Mother: a beacon of creativity and love.



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