The Office of Angela Scott is proud to be carrying the heart and “sole” of traditional shoemaking into the twenty-first century. What is traditional shoemaking? It is the belief that no detail is too small, that building on the traditions of the past makes modern footwear even more brilliant, and that top-notch materials and careful hand-craftsmanship create shoes of unparalleled excellence.

Our oxfords and boots are made in a family owned and operated factory in Portugal with a timeless and traditional method called Goodyear welt construction, what we believe to be the highest quality and finest process in the industry. It can take up to a month and a half to craft a single pair, due to the manual steps involved in constructing the shoes. 

The process involves a strip of leather, known as the welt, being sewn onto the bottom of the upper, the insole of the shoe and then sewn onto the outsole. With this hand constructed process, every pair is made with a level of resistance to span a lifetime. 


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